Professional Career Action Plan Essay

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Professional Career Action Plan
Kara Jenkins
January 2, 2015
Instructor: Michael Jones

Professional Career Action Plan
It is agreed upon by many that the pathway to achieving success involves the establishment of goals. Through this paper I will outline my professional goals and the job I would like to obtain in the health care field. I will also address skills that I have currently acquired and skills that I would like to acquire and skills that I need to change or alter. In closing I will review my plan to achieve these goals, I will identify the organization(s) that will help me achieve these goals, and I will identify how a career action plan outline will benefit my goals.
The key to setting career goals begins
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The CEBS program is an eight course curriculum that covers an entire spectrum of employee benefits. I will enroll for the summer of 2016 with the class starting May 31st. Once the courses have been completed, passing the exam is the final step to becoming certified. In the interim, my goal is to seek employment within the Benefits field. I realize that without experience it may be difficult to achieve this goal but an entry level position is all I need to get my feet wet and in the door. Once I have achieved the CEBS designation, my next goal is to enroll in a Human Resources Master degree program.
I would really like to continue working for the company I am with now and move into the human resources side of our business. I would like to begin working in our benefits department in a position where I can assist employees in understanding their benefits and how the various programs work. Currently there seems to be a disconnect between our benefits team and our employees. Questions go unanswered and the assistance seems not to be available when needed. I would love to become a member of the team and assist with bridging the gap. I can envision designing literature and coordinating sessions for the employees to attend periodically, and creating avenues where they can get help if they need assistance or if they do not understand their benefit programs.
The skill I currently have that will help in my career goals are good customer service

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