Maus Essay

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Andrew Hart
Intro to Lit
Prof. Rajaram
Oct. 22 2013
Vladek’s Confusion
To be in the Holocaust as a jewish citizen is a frightening stretch. Overcoming through all the odds that the concentration camps, Gestapo, and the war provided is a rewarding achievement for a lucky Jewish subject. Not for Vladek Spiegelman. In Artie Spiegelman’s Graphic Novel Maus, he uses pictures to describe his father’s journey through the Holocaust. Vladek loses almost everything he loves his business, home, and most of his family. This tests his character throughout the story and ultimately results him being bitter towards life after. However the Holocaust forces Vladek to rely on inanimate objects to get him through this time. He confuses people and
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Here people still made money, from secret businesses-not so legal....(Spiegelman 79)” Since Vladek knew people that owed him he used these businesses as his source of currency. “But I can’t pay you! A german runs my place now. I’m lucky just to have a job! “Then advance me a few yards of material without coupons. “Okay, okay. Hide this under your clothes. (Spiegelman 79)” In these panels Vladek is tactical in getting what he wants as if he has done this before. The very last panel at the bottom shows his father in law congratulating him for his success and everyone else is shaded in black to highlight Vladek as the main bread winner. Although the change of currency keeps the money flowing, it is when money does not matter anymore that the change of currency becomes a matter of life and death. When Vladek’s journey through the war takes the most unexpected turns, his relationship with coinage keeps him alive. When he is a prisoner of war, his family provide him with supplies. The panels on page fifty six six highlight how supplies become such a valuable source of tender. When he receives his box of supplies it is almost as if there is an aura around him. Also the look on his face is of much delight with eyes closed with glee. Then the panel go back to the present narrative making the point of how he used cigarettes as coinage to get food and survive. Reason for that, Artie smokes cigarettes constantly. From this scenario the

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