Analysis Paper 1

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Analysis Paper 1
Jennifer Lincoln
COUN 620
Liberty University
March 29, 2015

In regards to key developmental aspects of human growth in my life and as I integrate Erickson’s eight stages of development into my 48 years of life, I found that many of my transitional tasks were delayed, or not developed according to Erickson’s time frame. This might be due to the dysfunctional lifestyle, neglected childhood and promiscuous teenage years I had and it has taken me many years to develop my sense of identity, my sense of intimacy, and to change my behavior (Feldman, 2011). In the argument of Piaget he says that children at the age of three to five years think abstractly and this affects their motor
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By the age of twenty-one I had five children and pregnant with my six child. My dad had passed away and I had not learned to form intimate relationships during my teenage years. I spent these years trying to take care of my family but failed in so many areas (Lincoln, 2014). My husband parents mostly took care of us. I was drinking, partying, and trying to keep up with him. At the age of twenty-two I was introduced to “Crack Cocaine” which took my life in circles. I was as the children of Israel wandering around in the wilderness with no sense of direction. They spent almost 40 years wandering in the wilderness because they were defiant and disobedient. The matters in my heart caused me to become self-ambitious, and self- righteous. I was filled with bitterness, anger, hurt, and un-forgiveness. My anger became so distorted that my mind was playing tricks on me I thought I was super-optimistic that nothing or no one could touch me (Lincoln, 2014).
During the first three years of this stage I was in Federal Prison. I was forced to come to my senses and truly find my true identity. The bad choices in my life resulted in consequences which brought some hard lessons. These lessons have taught me well; now I am able to counsel women of all ages as well as transition them before, during and after their bad choices. It was in prison I began to understand after the first year God had a plan for my life, just as He has a plan for all

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